Apologist and former Muslim Nabeel Querishi reveals he asked God to kill him after his conversion

Nabeel Qureshi (right), stands with his brother in Christ Tim Tebow during the Together 2016 event in National Mall, Washington.(Facebook/Nabeel Qureshi)

As a young boy, Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi did not think he would become a Christian. He was a proud Muslim and loved Islam, so there was no chance for him to convert.

But a friend of his, who was a Christian, kept debating with him about Islam and Christianity. Four years later, Qureshi realised the Christian message is true, according to The Christian Post.

"I want you to hear me on this. The only thing that gives meaning and purpose to this world is the Creator. If God did not exist, your life would be meaningless," Qureshi, a global speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, said during the Together 2016 event last Saturday in Washington.

"You would be carbon that happens to evolve pointlessly and you will die and all your friends and family will die and this world will end and that's it – completely meaningless," he added. "But if God does exists, that means your life has purpose. That means you have been crafted and created for a reason here on this Earth."

However, becoming a Christian was not easy for Qureshi. Even though he was gaining eternal salvation through Jesus Christ, Qureshi was losing his Ahmadi Muslim parents and friends.

In fact, Qureshi considers his conversion as the most painful thing he ever did. It was so horrible losing his old life, that Qureshi prayed to God asking for death. But in doing so, he learned something valuable.

"I said, 'God, why won't You kill me?'" Qureshi recalled. "His response was, 'Because this wasn't about you, it's about Me.'"

Qureshi said there are billions of people in the world who need to hear the gospel, so Christians need to step up in spreading God's Word.

"We see what is happening in the world today. We see bombings in Turkey airport. We see shootings in Orlando. We see people killing mindlessly across the world. God has a plan to heal this world," Qureshi stressed. "It can only happen through His hands and His feet and that is us. That's why you are alive. To share this message and transform this world by the Holy Spirit living inside you."