'Amazing Spider-Man 3' release date pushed back; Emma Stone to appear in the movie?

While many were heartbroken with how "Amazing Spider-Man 2" ended, still, fans of the movie franchise are looking forward to see what happens in the sequel. However, "Amazing Spider-Man 3" will be a long wait.

Sony Pictures postponed the release date of the third movie. This was something they notified the public about. But what concerns fans of the movie franchise is, the lack of news or updates for "Amazing Spider-Man 3." There's no update on the release date as well as the upcoming story. But according to Breathecast, a report back in August said that it will be released in 2018.

What are fans of "Spider-Man" going to do for the next three years then? There are rumors that there will be spin-off movies that will be released before "Amazing Spider-Man 3." This should make the long wait more bearable. The three spin-off movies will be about Spider-Man's enemies and a female superhero movie.

"Venom" and "Sinister Six" are rumored to be released in 2016 and 2017. Venom is the most popular villain in the Spider-Man comic book series, while Sinister Six is a group of Spider-Man's enemies. This group is also said to appear on "Amazing Spider-Man 3." Additionally, the Spider-Man female superhero movie is expected for release in 2017.

Elsewhere, there's news that Emma Stone might come back in the third movie. But how can this be, her character Gwen Stacy died in the previous one?

In an interview with Screen Rant, Stone said, "There could be a-I don't know, there's a whole plotline that could happen that may bring her back."

Coming from Stone, this could be foretelling of what's to come in the third installment of the movie.  As for how Stone will come back, rumor has it that Stone might play Mary Jane Watson or become a villain named Carnage Symbiote, who absorbed the life force of the dead Gwen Stacy. Or perhaps, she could also be Mysterio's clone.