5 Christian songs to teach young children


For toddlers and young children, one of the best ways to introduce Jesus to them is through fun songs. While telling the stories of Jesus is another helpful activity, sing and dance songs are very motivating for kids. This is also an excellent time to introduce the concept of praise and worship to the young ones, but in a more energetic and active way. To help you pick the songs, here are five you can start with.

1. "Father Abraham"

"Father Abraham" is a classic Christian song that will really get every child up and about. The song is filled with movements. It's similar to "Hokey Pokey" in the sense that they have to move their hands, arms, and legs based on the lyrics.

2. "I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy"

If you're looking for a cute and catchy song that teaches about the joy of having God's love, "I've Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy" is perfect. Compared to "Father Abraham," there's more freedom in being creative with the actions for this song, so make sure to keep it fun for everyone.

3. "This Little Light of Mine"

"This Little Light of Mine" is a heartwarming song with a catchy lyrics. It's quite a short song, which makes it very easy to memorize and remember. However, do make sure to explain what the lyrics mean. This song is about telling kids to let their own little light shine and not be afraid to do that.

4. "I'm In The Lord's Army"

Another favorite Christian song for kids is "I'm in the Lord's Army." The kids will have a blast singing this song and doing the actions as they will feel like they are really part of the army. But more importantly, it gives them a boost in confidence knowing that they are serving the Lord.

5. "The B-I-B-L-E, That's The Book For Me"

You know how kids like to spell out words in songs like B-I-N-G-O? Here, the kids will have to spell out the B-I-B-L-E. This is a good way to introduce what the Bible is and why it's a great book to read. Plus, the tune and beat are great and will make any child dance to it instantly!

Singing and dancing to these songs is a good start for kids to learn more about being a Christian and what it means to be a child of God. Nonetheless, it is equally important to also explain the meaning behind these songs to make the experience more meaningful. Have fun singing along with the kids!