Sunderland Minster takes part in marriage vows world record attempt

(Photo: Keith Blundy)
Reverend Fiona Collin with husband Neil, who will be taking part in the world record attempt

Couples will be reaffirming their wedding vows at Sunderland Minster this Saturday.

They will be part of a nationwide attempt to set a new world record for couples reaffirming their wedding vows at the same time.

The 'Big Promise' world record attempt is part of Marriage Week UK, running from 7 to 14 February to celebrate, support and strengthen marriage.

Couples are being invited to reaffirm their vows at the minster - the only church in the region taking part - at 5pm before enjoying afternoon tea and light entertainment.

The current world record for marriage vow renewals stands at 1,087 couples. In order to count as record-breakers, couples will need to bring their wedding certificate and one other form of photo ID.


The Reverend Fiona Collin, a newly ordained curate at the Minster, and her husband Neil will be reaffirming their vows at the service after almost 32 years of marriage.

"This event will offer couples the opportunity to celebrate and share their good news stories," she said.

"To have this opportunity to celebrate and reaffirm our commitment to each other and to God, alongside many of our Sunderland Minster friends seems perfect timing."

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