'Reign' season 3 spoilers: Mary gets banished, Catherine and Narcisse continue to battle for the Regency in episode 10

The Regency continues to brew some warfare in this week's episode of "Reign" season 3 titled "Bruises That Lie." For starters, Narcisse and Catherine continue to lock horns over the seat of power and neither of them is prepared to back down.

In the promo for the upcoming episode, Catherine was extremely frustrated and worried about Narcisse becoming king and it looks like her effort to thwart his rise to the chain of command is working because Narcisse is not all too pleased.

"Catherine's act of defiance cannot be tolerated," a fuming Narcisse declares in the "Reign" season 3 clip. Unfortunately, Catherine is not the only one who will get to suffer Narcisse's wrath. Mary is on at the receiving end as well.

"You are banished from this castle to be gone by the end of the week," Narcisse told Mary. But as usual, this won't be the only dilemma the queen of Scots will face in this "Reign" season 3 installment.

As she attempts to forge alliance with individuals that could very well be her political allies, Mary can't stop herself from falling for Gideon and this will certainly inflict some complications with her mission and possibly conflict of interest.

The upcoming "Reign" season 3 installment also sees Claude In the fight of her life" as she participates in horror in a wedding that she never imagined she well be in. The promo for the episode shows Francis's younger sister on the verge of breaking down.

Charles, who was apparently "seduced by Narcisse," is as unhappy as Claude is about the horrible fate his sister was subjected to. The clip shows him confronting his mother, saying "I want to discuss my family and what you have done to it."

"Reign" season 3 is sure to be intense and drama-packed this week. "Bruises That Lie" will air Jan. 22 at 8pm ET on CW.