Jade Goody turns to God in cancer fight

|PIC1|Jade Goody says reading her Bible and praying to God are helping her in her battle with cervical cancer.

The former Big Brother contestant has lost her hair and is wearing a headscarf after undergoing chemotherapy. She was initially given a 50-50 per cent chance of survival and had a hysterectomy after the cancer spread to her womb, but said on Monday her chances of beating the disease had fallen to 40 per cent.

In an interview with The Daily Mirror on Tuesday, Goody said, "I've always thought there's a God although I've never been a churchy kind of person but now I think, Why not go to church? I've got a version of the Bible which is easy to read and I look through it when I'm feeling down. It really helps.

"And I've always prayed but now I do find it helps. Maybe the big man upstairs thinks, she's a tough cookie, she can handle this. She's watched her dad inject heroin, watched her mum do crack, she's lost a baby, had boyfriends who've hit her. Yeah, she can handle this too.

"But I do think after this is over, God might think I've had more than my fair share to deal with."

Goody learned she had the disease when producers of the Indian version of Big Brother broke the news to her in the Diary Room.

She said it was “the hardest times of our lives” for her and boyfriend Jack Tweed, who is expected to be released soon from jail after serving time for assault.

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