What Emma Watson taught a Brown student about dealing with loneliness

What Emma Watson taught a Brown student about dealing with loneliness.(Facebook/Emma Watson)

Harry Potter alum and UN ambassadress for gender equality Emma Watson made a name for herself not only in the movie making industry, but also in Brown University, where she took up English Literature.

The actress prefers to stay out of the limelight, but most of her peers and classmates were just so in awe of her that they could not help but gush to Thought Catalog how "fabulous" she looks and how she always had "super perfect eyebrows."

But there was one particular instance when Watson's star really shone bright, and that was when she taught a fellow Brown student how to deal with loneliness.

"She stopped by for one of my spoken-word poetry group's meetings, where a freshman read a poem comparing his loneliness to waiting endlessly in bed for someone to tuck him in," a student named Suzannah Weiss shared on Thought Catalog. "She raised her hand, as if in class, and told the poet that she can relate and has learned that you can't love someone else until you love yourself, so if you rely on someone else to tuck you in at night, they probably won't - but that's okay, because you can. Following a convention in spoken-word poetry, we all snapped our fingers in appreciation."

A girl named Ellen, meanwhile, recalls auditioning for a play called "The Cook" with Watson. They were scene partners, and Ellen admitted feeling it was a little unfair to be paired with a professional. But she recalls: "We did the scene, and she was friendly and lovely about it. In the end, neither of us got in."

The actress seemed to make an effort in participating in as many classes as she could and apparently even tried a swing dance lesson once. "She was super sweet and laughed at herself when she messed up and was totally willing to dance with all of us during the free dance after the lesson," an anonymous student shared.