We must never stop speaking the truth - even if we are the only person left

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"For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." (1 Corinthians chapter 1, verse 18).

"Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created" (Genesis chapter 5, verse 2).

A few days ago I came across a YouTube video where participants were being asked their thoughts on who a woman was. Some persons were clear in stating that there are biological differences between men and women and of course they were firm believers in advocating for women's rights.

The situation got muddy really quickly when they were asked about gender fluidity and whether a person should be able to decide what gender they were.

It got even worse when the interviewer, who was a white male, asked whether, if he should decide to "identify" as a 12-year-old black girl, the participants would be ok with that choice. One lady responded that she would support him if he believed it, after previously acknowledging that there were obvious differences between men and women.

Of course I wasn't surprised at any of this. Saddened yes, but certainly not surprised because unless you have been living on another planet you would know that this is where the world is today.

People have decided that they are their own gods and they are accountable to no one but themselves. And it is on this premise that people have embarked on a campaign to recreate what they didn't create and change the established order that the Creator has put in place to govern His creation.

It started with rights for homosexuals, then it was extended to bisexuals. But with the world determined to move as far away from God as possible, they couldn't stop there. Mankind decided that it was good and right for them to decide what gender they were going to be, irrespective of what God created them to be.

Doctors in India are now even reportedly planning to undertake a womb transplant in a man who has decided he wants to be a woman. Of course it is being billed as groundbreaking and a major scientific and medical milestone. After all, trans-people have rights and if a man who God created with XY chromosomes and all the other physical characteristics of a man should decide that he wants to carry and birth a baby like the woman he isn't, he should be accommodated. I mean, he has rights...

The price of 'progress'

I refuse to believe that all the people who are currently so very vocal in their support of turning away from what the Word of God clearly dictates actually believe what they are preaching. But the world is concerned with being politically correct. The world is concerned with not being offensive to anybody.

The world is concerned with being tolerant and inclusive to the point where people will watch loved ones and strangers alike run with wings on their feet, down a path of destruction and encourage them because it is the progressive thing to do.

I really should not be surprised though that so many people the world over are so blind to the truth and are willing to believe the lie that has been sold to them, because the Bible tells us in Revelation chapter 12, verse 9 that Satan has deceived the whole world. It therefore should be expected that some individuals will loudly and proudly call what is good bad and what is bad good. The Bible warned us about this.

It is easy as a follower of Christ who knows the truth to sometimes get angry in response to some of the vitriolic remarks that are thrown our way. It is possible to get disheartened when it seems like everyone around you has chosen to abandon sound doctrine and subscribe to the doctrine of the devil as the Bible warns us. However we must never stop believing the truth and never stop speaking the truth. Even if you are going to be the only person left – you must.

The word of God is and will be the final authority so it really doesn't matter what century we're living in and how 'progressive' people get. What God established as good and right continues to be good and right and what he calls sin continues to be sin in spite of our feelings.

My hope and prayer is that many of the woke folks will truly wake up while grace still abounds.

"Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth" (John chapter 17, verse 17).