USA star keeper Tim Howard: 'All praise be to God'

Julio Cortez/AP/Press Association Images

US football star Tim Howard has won hearts all over the world after his stunning performance during last night's World Cup match.

Brits who have had to painstakingly explain that 'soccer' is indeed the same as football stateside have no doubt been left stunned by the level of Howard's play – despite the American team last night being knocked out by the Belgian side.

Though they lost, keeper Howard made a record number of saves in a single World Cup match – 15 – with a performance that has been hailed as "brilliant" by commentators the world over.

He won't be taking the credit for himself, however, as he's a devout Christian with a strong faith.

"The most important thing in my life is Christ," Howard declared in an interview with Campus Crusade for Christ. "He's more important to me than winning or losing or whether I'm playing or not. Everything else is just a bonus. All praise be to God."

Natacha Pisarenko/AP/Press Association Images

It was also revealed that he volunteered with his church youth group while signed to Manchester United – playing football with local young people and joining them for Bible studies.

"The best time for me is when I see a breakthrough in them," he insisted. "To see them get a grasp of what God and Christ really mean."

"My faith is obviously very important to me, I make no secrets of that," Howard shared in another interview in 2010. "Other than that I just try to live as best I can."

He's also shared that he hasn't let his position control the way he lives his life. In an article for Athletes in Action, Howard wrote: "Today, I am blessed to be living a dream. And yet, if it all went away tomorrow, I know I would still have peace.

"That probably sounds crazy to most people, but that's the kind of peace Christ gives. It is rooted in His love, and it surpasses all understanding. You can experience this same sense of love and peace, too. All you have to do is ask for it."

The BBC have compiled a montage of Howard's saves last night, catch them here.