The oldest person in the world is a Jamaican, church-loving Christian aged 117

Violet Mosses Brown is now the world's oldest person, aged 117.Facebook

The oldest person in the world is a Jamaican, church-loving Christian aged 117.

Violet Mosse-Brown, born March 10, 1900, said that her faith, commitment to the church and respect for family have helped her live so long.

'I love the church,' Brown told the Jamaica Gleaner in 2010.

Baptised at 13, she was born in the Duanvale district of Trelawny, Jamaica.

At age 107 she received a plaque from the Trelawny Baptist Association, celebrating her milestone achievement. She received a plaque from Britain's Queen Elizabeth II when she reached her 115th birthday.

Mosse-Brown, known to many affectionately as 'Aunt V' said that her 'faith in serving God, and believing strongly in the teaching of the Bible' has been a key factor in her long life, according to the Violet Moss Foundation.

'Honour your mother and father so your days may be long,' she told the Gleaner, quoting her favourite verse in the Old Testament.

In her early life, Brown served as a plantation worker cutting cane. She later became a businesswoman in her own right, cultivating her own sugarcane. She has also served as a community activist, church secretary, organist, seamstress and music teacher.

She reflected on the relative ease of modern life: 'I tell you, these young people these days have it easy — piped water, taxis and buses to bring them where they want to go, everything to their convenience.

'When I was younger, and even as an adult, I had to work so hard that sometimes when I look back, I cry at how hard I had to work to make a living for my family,' she told the Gleaner.

The oldest person in the world was previously Italian Emma Morano, 117, who died on Saturday. In the video below, Aunt V prays for 'everything and everyone in this world', two days after her 117th birthday.