The 'Magnificat': Southwark Cathedral's favourite feline lands book deal

London's Southwark Cathedral's favourite feline, nicknamed 'Doorkins Magnificat', has obtained her first book deal.

A colourful book by author Lisa Gutwein will tell the story of the south London cat, and will be published this Sunday according to Southwark News.

The book will be released this Sunday.Southwark Cathedral

The cat gained the name 'Doorkins' after often waiting by the doors of Southwark Cathedral, since she was first encountered there by Verger Paul Timms in 2008. Timms, who is now responsible for the cat, told Spitalfields Life that the name is not a reference to renowned atheist Richard Dawkins, though it is often thought to be. The more theological name 'Magnificat' was chosen by the clergy.

Doorkins has become a beloved fixture of the London borough, and even has her own Twitter account and Facebook page, featuring various local sightings of and selfies with the cat. Doorkins has even met with Queen Elizabeth II.

The book, written by Lisa Gutwein, married to a cathedral verger, and illustrated by Rowan Ambrose, provides a tour of the cathedral while chronicling Doorkins' real-life adventures. Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, the book has won a commendation from London's mayor Sadiq Khan.

It's not the first time a locally-beloved pet has been the subject of a book. Buster's Diaries was written by British politician Roy Hattersley, in which the author wrote in the voice of his famous dog. Larry, the popular Downing Street cat, has also made news in recent years, and the book 2011 book Larry's Diaries was written in the voice of the cat.

'Doorkins the Cathedral Cat' will be on sale from August 21 at £10.99.