'The Blacklist' season 3 news: 'same characters but a different show,' says Megan Boone

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"The Blacklist" season 2 ended with a very stunning finale that answered some questions while posing some more for fans to ponder. According to actress Megan Boone in an interview with Zap2It, the finale would change season 3 in a way wherein it will have "the same characters" but in a "different show." 

Season 2 ended with Liz on the run with Reddington, Cooper having been booted by the FBI and replaced by Agent Donald Ressler, and Tom Keen on the fence whether he should join Reddington and Liz or switch over to the FBI and help them hunt the duo down. 

Boone continued to explain that the dynamics of the show will change since Liz is no longer working within the limits of the law and is also trying to clear her name while running from the FBI. All of these changes in the task force will also alter the show's structure, leading to what may be a different pacing method and plot-arc structure for season 3. 

"If you break open the entire task force, then it will be challenging to try to find the procedural aspect of the show again," explained Boone. "With 22 episodes a year, it does benefit the show to have some kind of a formula ... but we are going to sort of break open a lot of the structure of the show." 

According to a report from the Entertainment Weekly, this change in the series might do some good things for Boone's character, which the site stated was less appealing to audiences compared to the likes of James Spader's Reddington. 

The report explains that Liz never had much focus but season 3 might introduce more action and a clearer trajectory for the character. Liz's relationship with Red will also be explored now that she fully understands why he has been so adamant in protecting her all this time. 

"The Blacklist" season 3 is scheduled to premiere this fall on NBC.