'Star Wars: Battlefront 3' news: Special maps and improved gameplay


'Star Wars: Battlefront 3' is a game that is expected to come out somewhere in the latter part of 2015 but this early, leaks of what the action video game will carry have been coming out.

Currently under development by EA Digital Illusion CE, its impending arrival is showing a lot of promise especially with the release of a trailer, providing players a better view of what to expect from the third installment of the series.

The third installment will carry general themes, characters and props, taking players to locations such as Hoth and Endor. Included as well are familiar vehicles many may have seen from Star Wars films such as the AT-ATs and speeder bikes.

But apparently, the only major development worth noting at the moment is that the game will offer special maps and certain game modes. In the game play proper, users will be able to live out their memorable Star War fantasy battles, as mentioned by design director Niklas Fegraeus during this interview with IGN.

Fegraeus further added that he is very confident that the next installment should be something worth checking. Apart from having the proper talent over at DICE and having Frostbite technology could very well produce a memorable  game that fans all over the world are bound to enjoy.

Another rumor humming is the possibility of using playable hero characters. And if that rumor holds true, chances are that players would have to participate and garner lots of cash to be able take control of the powerful characters.

All of these are just heresays (for now) but a footnote to it all is that the game could be a fitting Holiday gift to gamers out there. No specific release date has been given other than it will come in the latter part of the year so stay tuned for updates.