'Sense8' season 2 spoilers: Rajan may explore darker side


"Sense8" proved to be a phenomenal success for series creators Lana and Andrew Wachowski, and the show has been officially renewed for a second season.

In an interview with News Hub, actor Purab Kohli revealed that his character Rajan Rasal may explore a darker side in the upcoming season 2. 

"I absolutely agree, he's too good to be true and I'm hoping he reveals some shades of grey in the seasons to follow," the actor explained when asked about the true nature of Rajan, particularly because Rajan's father Manendra (Darshan Jariwala) had kept a lot of dark secrets that came unraveled throughout season 1. 

Kohli then clarified that there is no definitive plan for this direction, saying, "But I have not read the next season's script yet. Who knows what The Wachowskis have in store for Rajan Rasal? When I questioned Lana while shooting the first season, her smile and hand gestures revealed nothing!" 

There is the issue of Rajan's fiancée Kala (Tina Desai) who, right from the start, never wanted to marry Rajan. Before the first season was over, she developed a strong affection for Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) who, like Rajan, had issues with his father and was later revealed to have ties to organized crime. It is possible this will spark Rajan's inner dark side. 

"Love is a strange thing, I guess," Kohli explained, "and Rajan surely feels a heavy surge of it for Kala." 

At this point, Kohli reiterated that he has not yet read the whole script for season 2 and that reading the script is currently the thing he is mostly looking forward to as this will reveal where Rajan and Kala's relationship will go given the circumstances in season 1 involving Rajan's father and Wolfgang's affections.

Netflix has officially renewed the show for season 2 but there is no confirmed release date at the time of writing. In the meantime, Kohli announced that he is currently filming the sequel to his 2008 film "Rock On!!" which is scheduled for release next year.