Roger Waters tour news: To perform in multiple locations in 2018

Band member Roger Waters poses for photographers at a media event to promote "The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains", which will open in May 2017, in London, Britain, February 16, 2017.REUTERS/Neil Hall

Roger Waters, the bassist of one of the most lucrative progressive rock bands in history known as Pink Floyd, has announced that he will be performing around the U.K. next year. Waters has a reputation for the extra flair and effort that he puts into the intricate shows that he has done in the past, and the upcoming tour should be a treat for fans of the acclaimed singer and songwriter.

According to Birmingham Mail, they were delighted to report that Waters plans to make a stop at their area as well. Included in the list of places where Waters will be doing his shows are Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, and Barclaycard, at the Hyde Park, which is where Waters will be headlining the show. The 74-year-old performer was born in England, which is probably one of the major factors that influenced his decision to perform in such a specific area.

In a report by Team Rock, the tour dates will begin on June 29 to July 7. As of now, Waters is still finishing his tour in North America, and is currently planning to not just tour all over the U.K., but across Europe as well. However, the tour dates for the other European countries are yet to be confirmed.

Waters is one of the biggest reasons why Pink Floyd became one of the most successful acts in history. According to The List, Waters performed some of the band's greatest hits in his North American tour, including "Another Bring in the Wall," "Wish You Were Here," and "Money." These specific songs are consistently part of Waters' set list, and given their popularity, it might just disappoint fans if they were not part of it.

Of course, Waters compliments these hits with appropriate visuals that help the audience be fully immersed in the music.

The tickets to next year's U.K. tour can be purchased on Ticket Master on Oct. 6.