Robert Schuller Jr rebuilding 'significant father-son relationship' with Crystal Cathedral founder

Robert A Schuller says his father, Crystal Cathedral founder, Robert H Schuller is "happy and doing fine" in an assisted living facility in Southern California. 

Robert A Schuller(Photo: Robert A Schuller)

Crystal Cathedral became one of the US's first megachurches and attracted a following far beyond its Orange County base through an extremely popular "Hour of Power" broadcast. 

But the ministry began to crumble after the elder Schuller retired in 2006 and passed the leadership reins to his son.  Income began to fall and the family became embroiled in a very public row over the ministry's direction.  

When the church faced bankruptcy, it sold its iconic glass building to the Roman Catholic Church, confirming the end of an era. 

Last fall, it was announced that Robert H Schuller Sr was being treated for esophageal cancer and that he was not expected to live for more than a couple of years.  

Today, Robert Schuller Jr works with the Global Peace Foundation and is a regular speaker at motivational seminars. He also hosts a monthly call-in with his wife Donna offering oeople a time of reflection on Scripture and prayer.   

Although their relationship was fractured in the last few years of Crystal Cathedral, the younger Schuller confirmed on his blog this week that the two are making efforts to repair the damage.  

"Many of you continue to ask about my father's health. He is happy and doing fine," he wrote. "He is living in an assisted living facility and I visit him as much as possible when I am in Southern California.

"Our time together gives me joy and peace as I rebuild a significant father-son relationship with him. During our visits our most treasured memories are often discussed and several of my earliest memories include us fishing together."

A second post written earlier in the week conveyed a similar determination to focus on the positives. 

"When visiting an older family member or friend remember to always bring up the happy times together. There you will find a special blessing in remembering all that was good and mea ningful. Things that contributed to who you are today."

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