'Project Hikari' Square Enix news: Modern way to experience manga

The official logo of the video game developing company, Square Enix.Facebook/SquareEnix

It seems that video game developers Square Enix has not stopped setting balls in motion in the industry. Specifically, they seem pretty determined to get a jump on the market of virtual reality (VR) games. They are now working on a title called "Project Hikari," which has caught a lot of attention recently, and for good reason.

In a report by Rolling Stone, players will get to experience what it is like to be an actual part of a manga – and not just from reading it. Players are to wear VR headsets and will be presented with a black and white art style and environment with a story titled "Tale of Wedding Rings." Based on the title, it can be assumed that the story will be related to love, and the game is currently known to include the first four chapters of the real life manga.

The team of Square Enix almost immediately jumped at the idea of making a VR game back in 2013, when the Oculus Rift was introduced. Eventually, Square Enix was able to decide on the manga of "Tale of Wedding Rings," since the development team was taken aback by the story.

The initial experience of "Project Hikari" will find players staring at traditional manga backgrounds, complete with white panels. According to VR Focus, it gives players a chance to be somewhat of an observer to the events that revolve around the main story. An element that elevates the experience is the voice acting, which gives an even more immersive experience as players get to watch how the narrative unfolds.

If executed perfectly, Square Enix will once again prove its salt as one of the premiere story-driven video game developers in the industry today.

"Project Hikari" is expected to hit the market some time in 2018.