Planning A Christian Wedding? Here Are Eight Tips

Wedding season is approaching. There is no doubt about it. The days are growing longer and the weather milder. It is nearly upon us.

But descending into spiralling anxiety as your big day approaches is not inevitable. It does not have to be like that.

Here are seven tips to help Christian couples prepare for their big day.


1. Choose the single most important aspect of your day.

Unless you are a multi-millionaire or willing to spend your marriage in debt, you are not going to be able to have everything. So chose one thing that is especially important to you as a couple and emphasise that in your budget and how much time you give to it.

2. Decide whether you are having a church service or not.

The most significant part of the day are the vows you make before God and your family and friends. So where do you want this to happen? It does not have to be in a church but chose somewhere you will enjoy and is memorable for you.

3. Dedicate time to planning your service.

Whether or not you opt for a church or not, the service is worth giving some careful thought and preparation. Who do you want to take the ceremony? Is there someone special you would like to preach? Which verses and songs are particularly important to you? This is the part of the day you will probably remember the most so its worth taking time to make sure its right.

4. Think about your non-Christian friends.

Your wedding and your funeral are two biggest opportunities to offer your non-Christian friends a chance to come to church. They can't exactly refuse! So think about the sermon and the whole feel of the day. It could be an amazing chance for them to hear the gospel amid all the celebrations.


5. Involve your family.

The day does not just belong to you. It is an event for both families and the planning can be a great way to bring them all together. Is there someone who is particularly good with flowers? Or with decorations? Or even just with collecting something you have ordered. Involving your family is a way for them to feel included and supportive of the day.

6. Don't become overrun with debt.

The Bible speaks very clearly about the dangers of debt and spending more than you can afford. So keep an eye on your budget. There are tons of creative ways to do things for cheaper, often by asking friends rather than paying someone. However special the day is, you will not enjoy it if you know you are waking up to a mountain of unaffordable debt the next day.

7. Sign up to a marriage preparation course. 

There are dozens of marriage-prep courses put on by churches across the country. They are excellent ways to learn from people who have been there before. It gives you a chance to find out more about each other and prepare for some of the challenges that marriage will offer as well as giving you some time-out from wedding admin.

8. Don't let your wedding preparations distract from your marriage.

Finally and most importantly, don't let your wedding detract from your marriage. It is only one day – the first of thousands more. So make sure you take time out of wedding preparations to spend time together investing in each other as a couple. It is so important you enter your marriage as a healthy couple, not harassed and run down through organising a wedding.