Pharrell Williams teams up with Netflix for new show about gospel choirs

Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' is one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Pharrell Williams' latest project is a docuseries looking at gospel music and what it takes to create a successful gospel choir. 

"Voices of Fire" has been picked up by Netflix and will follow the "Happy" singer's uncle, Bishop Ezekiel Williams, in his search for undiscovered gospel talent, Billboard reports. 

The bishop is overseer of the Faith World Ministries church in Norfolk, Virginia, situated in the Hampton Roads part of the state, where Pharrell originates from. 

"With the belief that diverse backstories can give their collective voice a greater meaning, the bishop and his team search for people of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds," the show blurb reads. 

Pharrell is producing "Voices of Fire", which is due to premiere on Netflix later in the year. 

The musician told GQ magazine last year that his upbringing in a Pentecostal church had a big influence on him. 

He also suggested people nowadays are following man more than God. 

"A lot of people pray less. So now when you ask a question, where do you get your number one result? Google. You don't [makes prayer hands], you [makes typing motion]," he said. 

"We're followers. And we're not following God. We're following men."