New 'Power Rangers' movie keeps committed Christian character

Jason David Frank plays the Green Ranger in the original 'Power Rangers' series.(Facebook/Jason David Frank)

The new "Power Rangers" movie might have turned the Yellow Ranger into a gay character, but it still featured an actor who is pretty outspoken about his Christian faith.

Jason David Frank, who was part of the original cast from the 1990s classic action series as the Green/White Ranger, appeared in the new film, according to The Christian Post.

He is one of the older cast members featured. In real life, Frank is a champion mixed martial artist and karate teacher whose faith is an integral portion of his life. He even has a "Jesus didn't tap" tattoo on his forearm; in MMA lingo, "tap" signifies giving up.

Frank earlier told CBN that his journey to Christianity began after his older brother, Erik Ray Frank, passed away. "I didn't really understand what the whole church thing was about," he admitted. "Then, when I lost my brother it was like people were telling me I need God and all that stuff, and I was like, 'If one more person tells me that, then that is what it is.'"

His wife invited him to attend Crosby Church in Texas, and Frank was impressed by the church's Team Impact. The team, hosted by Pastor Keenan Smith, featured a group of travelling professional athletes who performed unbelievable tasks.

"I'm from Los Angeles, so this church is like cowboy boots. Pastor Keenan is breaking things and I was instantly attracted to him," Frank said. "I was like yeah, this guy. We sparred. We wrestled. And he used that to attract people to church."

As for himself, Frank now uses his social media platform to reach out to others about the love of God. "I reach five million people in a week through Facebook and Instagram, and I am just blessed to do that," he said.