Morgan Freeman ponders the sixth sense, souls and the expanding universe

He’s a Hollywood giant who has played God on several occasions and his velvety voice would give you the impression he's certain about a lot of things, but Morgan Freeman has as many questions as the rest of us when it comes to understanding our existence and the amazing universe we live in.

Luckily for him, the Oscar-winning actor has the chance to explore some of the big questions of life as host of “Through the Wormhole”, a documentary in its second season on the Science Channel, a subsidiary of Discovery.

To help him get closer to some of the answers, Morgan speaks to scientists and philosophers to hear their opinions and take a fresh look at the evidence.

“[I started] thinking about possibilities and the fact that it wasn’t too long ago that the world was flat and that was ‘fact’,” he told The Huffington Post.

“It wasn’t too long ago the universe revolved around the earth, the earth was the centre of it all: ‘fact.’

“So we’re now this far along, we know a lot more about things, but they are still ‘facts’. Nothing can travel as fast as the speed of light: ‘fact.’ It would take millions of years to travel to a distant star: ‘fact.’

“Are they facts?”

In one episode, Freeman explores whether we have a sixth sense.

“I think we do,” he said.

“We know that thoughts are energy, they create an energy and they can be directed. You go off into an empty house, you can tell it’s empty before you get there.”

Energy is also how he prefers to refer to the soul.

“We ask a question about is there such a thing as a soul. Is there some part of you, an energy that goes on after the rest of you cease to be? And there are a lot of different beliefs in it.”

What exactly he believes, Freeman refuses to say but he did posit this interesting question: “They say that the universe is expanding, so if it’s expanding, what is it expanding into?”