More Egyptians, Saudis becoming atheists after finding out what Islam really is, says Christian convert

Muslim refugees and others who have put their faith in Christ fill a church in Turkey.(Christian Aid Mission)

More and more Muslims in such countries as Egypt and Saudi Arabia are finding out the reality of Islam and are now embracing Jesus Christ while some have become atheists.

A Christian ministry leader in the region recently shared the information to Christian Aid Mission, as reported by the Gospel Herald.

Brother Rachid operates a satellite TV station and has been hosting a programme where Muslims and others call in to ask questions about Islam and Christianity. Through the broadcast, which has been on the air for more than a decade now, thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ, he said.

"Every Thursday at 9 p.m., people will call us up, some to curse us, some to give their lives to Christ—we're fishing for all kinds of fish," he said.

Rachid said those who leave Islam and convert to Christianity—like what he did when he was just 12 years old—face big trouble, even death. Their parents eject them from their homes—like what his parents did to him—sometimes violently, he said.

Moreover, "infidels" lose all status in Muslim culture, and cannot marry or claim inheritance, he said.

Also, Christians who are persecuted by Muslims do not have legal protection, because authorities believe that any crime committed against converts came about because "they brought it upon themselves," he said.

Rachid said Islam is not just a religion but also an ideology that encompasses every aspect of life, including political and social structures.

"Islam preaches violence and hatred. Besides, no one calls critics of Christianity a Christianophobe," he added.

Earlier, another Christian ministry leader in the Kurdish region of Iraq revealed that his ministry has been receiving numerous Iraqi Muslims seeking to know more about Christ and the Bible.

"As terrifying and horrifying as ISIS is, they did us a great favour because they came and have shown them all the killing, saying that it's all in the Quran verses. So now we don't have to say much, we just say the truth," said the ministry leader, who declined to state his name for security reason.

He said a great Christian "awakening" is happening in the region, adding that he has personally witnessed many Muslims converting to Christianity.

"They're just sick of Islam," he said. "People are very hungry to know about Christ, especially when they hear about miracles, healing, mercy and love."