'Longmire' season 5 update: Writers go back to work for darker new season


Netflix worried fans about the fate of Walt Longmire for a while but the streaming giant is not ready to let go of everyone's favorite sheriff just yet. "Longmire" season 5 has been made official and development on the new season is actually well underway.

One of the show's writer and producers, Tony Tost, hinted via Twitter that he is back to the writers' room. He prepared for the new task ahead by re-watching the fourth season to be able to cook up some storylines and continue the beloved tale.

In the last season of the series, things were about to get steamier between Walt and Donna Sue Monahan when an intruder barged in and crashed the party. The identity of the attacker remains to be seen, although it is hinted that "Longmire" season 5 will pick right where season 4 left off to show his face.

Carter Matt suggests that this situation could either stitch other events in the season together into one big mind-blowing picture or simply introduce a whole new storyline. The site adds that it isn't a surprise to see Walt become someone's target.

His life as sheriff led him right in some bad guys' crosshairs. One of these baddies, who already ruined a sweet night for Walt, might show his face soon. Whichever ends up happening, one thing's for sure. Walt is not in the safest situation when "Longmire" season 5 premieres.

But perhaps the biggest thing about the action thriller fans are looking forward to is the show's extended airtime. Netflix has added a total of three hours' worth of additional footage in the new season. While fans were more inclined to seeing more episodes, this is still something to be excited about.

The lengthier "Longmire" season 5 will also be giving fans much more sinister and brooding storylines by bringing Walt into far more evil and darker places. The new season is expected to premiere September next year.