Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott says it was God who helped her deal with miscarriage and recent death of loved ones

Hillary Scott behind-the-scenes with a white horse during her 'Thy Will' video shoot.(Instagram/Hillary Scott)

Hillary Scott of country music trio Lady Antebellum has spoken out about how her faith helped her through personal tragedy, including the miscarriage that led her to write the song Thy Will.

In an interview with Fox News Magazine, Scott said the deaths of her grandfather, who she described as a second father, and her grandmother in 2011, and a miscarriage while carrying her second child in 2015 caused her heartbreak but also provided the inspiration behind songs on Love Remains, the album she made with her family.

The mother of one told Fox News: "We needed our faith to keep us grounded and at peace in the midst of a lot. That's really the heart of this record. These are the songs that we wrote or we felt best represented how we tried to get through rough times."

Scott has been vocal about the importance that God has had in helping her through these difficult periods in her life in both her songs and in interviews. She believes that her ability to get through it all was down to trusting that she could draw strength from God.

"I truly believe that if we lean on the strengths of God, and the strength that he gives us, that we're capable of handling a lot more than we give ourselves credit for."

Scott first shared the news that she had had a miscarriage during an interview with Good Morning America a few months ago. During the interview she broke down in tears as she spoke about how the experience had affected her.

"I also feel like there's this pressure that you're just supposed to be able to snap your fingers and continue to walk through life like it never happened," she said.

The Need You Now singer said that she wrote Thy Will as she was "experiencing everything that comes with a miscarriage. So it was my most raw place that I could've ever been when this song truly poured out of me."

Although Scott admits that she still sometimes finds things hard, she says that she is now in a better place. As well as leaning on God and her faith during what have been testing times, the process of opening up through her music has enabled her to make peace with the past.

"As much as I didn't want to experience what I went through, and I would never want anyone to experience what I went through, I'm at peace. I'm now really looking forward to the future."

And that future includes recording and performing new music with her band and seeing her 3-year-old daughter start school.

"My bandmates and I are working on new music for Lady A, and my little girl is about to start school. Life is really good right now," she said.