'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date: Upcoming title not the last for the franchise

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While its specific release date remains unconfirmed, speculations have mentioned that Square Enix is targeting a 2017 release period for "Kingdom Hearts III." Meanwhile, although fans are anxiously waiting for the follow-up, it seems that "Kingdom Hearts III" will not be the last collaboration between Square Enix and Disney.

According to Yibada, game director Tetsuya Nomura was quoted in a recent interview as hinting at future collaborations between Square Enix and Disney, particularly with follow-ups to the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise.

Nomura stated, "There has been no discussion yet as to the end of Kingdom Hearts especially between me and Disney, so their intentions are really unclear. However, while innovating Kingdom Hearts, this can be a task done by just Disney."

To highlight the series' continuation, the industry follower added that Nomura went on to mention how Disney and Square Enix plans on continuing the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise, even hinting at some new story and plots for players.

Meanwhile, Latinos Health mentioned that a 2017 release is still a conservative estimate, given that reportedly, the release of "Kingdom Hearts III" is being pushed back because of how massive the upcoming game is.

According to the industry follower, new worlds are being added to the franchise through the upcoming installment. While it is unclear what areas and themes will be added to the new game, some of the rumored locations include popular Disney themes like "Big Hero 6," "Tangled," "Hercules," "Twilight Town" and "Mysterious Tower."

In addition to expanding the world in "Kingdom Hearts III," the gameplay and mechanics are being improved. The previous gameplay trailers highlighted some of the changes to combat, particularly the use of the "Attack" and "Magic" commands of the franchise.

Players will see the improvements for themselves when "Kingdom Hearts III" releases for the PS4 and Xbox One.