Jonathan Lamb becomes CEO of Keswick Ministries

Dr Jonathan Lamb addressing a past Keswick Convention.Photo: Keswick Convention

Jonathan Lamb has been appointed as CEO and minister-at-large of Keswick Ministries.

His background includes leadership roles at UCCF, IFES and Langham Preaching. 

He commences his new appointment with Keswick on 5 May. 

John Risbridger, chair of the Keswick Council, praised Mr Lamb for his "outstanding Bible teaching, leadership and personal integrity". 

"He has travelled widely in these capacities, and has also had a long-standing connection with the Keswick movement around the world," he said. 

"As an experienced team player he is able to build the networks we need to extend the reach of the movement in the UK and beyond."

Keswick takes place in the Lake District each year and attracts around 15,000 people over three weeks of Bible teaching.

Nearly 140 years after its founding, it remains one of the most popular Christian events in the UK and has since spread to Australia, Asia, North America, other European countries and the Caribbean. 

Speaking about his new role, Mr Lamb said: "The remarkable history of the Keswick movement is a great foundation for future growth. By God's grace we hope to establish further teaching and training ministries, provide new resources, and extend the reach both of the summer event and the Keswick movement - all designed to encourage the spiritual renewal of God's people for his mission in the world."

Simon Overend, Keswick's Director of Operations, said, "We are excited about the new opportunities which lie ahead, both in further developing the content and reach of the summer Convention, and in extending its impact as a resource for the British churches."

Mr Lamb will be speaking at this year's Keswick Convention alongside Vaughan Roberts, Becky Manley Pippert, Ivor Poobalan, Ian Coffey, Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Chris Sinkinson, Ravi Zacharias and Roger Carswell.