IRS agents visit Texas office of TV evangelist Benny Hinn

Evangelist Benny Hinn

The offices of televangelist Benny Hinn have been visited by agents from the US Inland Revenue Service and the Postal Service.

Hinn, known for his faith healing 'miracle crusades', is not at the Grapevine offices in Texas and understood to be in France, according to Warren Throckmorton's Patheos blog. His website lists his next event as a 'miracle healing and impartation' service in Ukraine.

NBC 5 reporter Alice Barr tweeted:

She also tweeted that Hinn declined to comment.

NBC 5 reported they saw a federal agents walking in and out of the offices with boxes. 'It looked like a big raid – people everywhere, police people everywhere out there, and just rushing in,' said John Ebert, who works in a neighbouring office and was talking to the broadcaster.

Hinn was among a number of televangelists investigated by the Senate Finance Committee in 2007 and subsequently cleared.