Iowa official says Christians should enjoy special rights under US law

Photo: YoutubeRNC member Tamara Scott says that Christians should be 'favoured' under US law.

A Republican party official from Iowa has said that Christians should enjoy special rights under US law over other faiths in the country.

While she conceded that Muslims are protected by the First Amendment and have a right to promote Islam in the country, Republican National Committeewoman Tamara Scott said that the US' heritage was grounds for Christians to be "favoured" under US law.

"The shame is that so little people know the truth about the heritage, the Christian heritage (of the United States)... we are, we were a Christian nation and we were founded on Christian values," Scott said during a Republican presidential forum two weeks ago.

According to Right Wing Watch, Scott warned the assembly that other religions are attempting to supplant Christianity in America, citing the example of a Wiccan woman and a Muslim imam leading the morning prayers at the Iowa House on April 9.

"You see, when we're not willing to defend our God in the public square, we shouldn't be surprised when others try to replace Him," she told the gathered Republicans.

"We not only don't teach (about Christianity), but we suppress it and refuse to allow it to be taught," Scott noted.

Scott, who is also a lobbyist for the influential Iowa conservative group The Family Leader, said that this failure to spread the word about Christianity in the US is causing Americans to think that the law should treat every religion in an equal manner. The lobbyist told the attendees of the forum that it should not be the case, because there is "only one true God."

Scott told the forum there would be consequences for Americans if they do not defend their Christian faith.

"The Bible's quite clear about what happens when we refuse to tell the truth and we allow others to tell a wrong truth," she warned.