Harvest pastor Greg Laurie tests positive for Covid-19

Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie is the latest guest of a recent White House event to test positive for coronavirus.

The Harvest pastor was among the many guests at a Rose Garden ceremony on September 26 held to announce Amy Coney Barrett as Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick. 

The President and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for Covid-19 last Friday, a few days after the Rose Garden ceremony. 

The couple have since been released from hospital and are continuing to recover at the White House. 

Laurie, whose annual Harvest Crusade in California draws thousands of Christians, confirmed his diagnosis to CBN News

Describing his symptoms, the 67-year-old said he had experienced fever, fatigue, aches and pains, and a change to his sense of taste. 

"Then I found out the news that I didn't want to find out that I have the coronavirus," Laurie said.  

The pastor said he was now in quarantine but was feeling OK. 

He issued a plea to people not to politicize the virus. 

"I just wish that at a time like this we could not politicize this and show compassion to people that are struggling with this. It's real," Laurie said. 

"It really is a pandemic that's swept our nation and even the world.

"If the President of the United States can get it, obviously anybody can get it.  But with God's help and your prayers, I expect to get through this."

Over a hundred people were present at the Rose Garden ceremony, with at least eight of them testing positive for Covid-19, including former White House advisor Kellyanne Conway and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Albuquerque pastor Skip Heitzig, another guest at the event, has tested negative.