Girl killed by stray bullet on bus: Daja Robinson, 14, shot in head in random shooting on way home from party


A teenage girl has been killed on Saturday by a stray bullet in a bus in New York City.

14-year-old Daja Robinson was shot in the head and killed when 10 shots were fired at the bus in Queens at 9 p.m.. She was on her way home from a sweet 16 party in.

Robinson was with two other friends on the Q6 bus in Queens. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital by paramedics but later died.

Police do not believe that she was a target. They told NBC: "The shots were fired towards the bus while it was moving. Investigators recovered nine bullet shell casings." Investigators are looking to see if a gang was involved in the shooting.

"One thing is clear: she was not, in our judgment, the target of the shooting," said NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly. "She was a young girl who should be having the time of her life."

No suspects have been arrested and not much information has been released regarding the gunman. Witnesses say he was between 18 to 25 years old and was wearing a black sweater wiht a beige shirt underneath.

Witnesses near the Onyx Bar, where the party was held, said there was no altercation at the party. "There was no altercation here. It's not like anything spilled out from here," a witness said, according to The Daily Mail.

The victim was a freshman at Andrew Jackson High School.

Residents in the area spoke of their shock. Christopher McIlwain, 47, told New York Daily News: "It's outrageous. First of all, it was a young girl. Secondly, it was useless. A life wasted for what?"

Robinson's distraught grandmother sobbed and grieved her granddaughter's death on Sunday. "My baby! My baby! Why did they murder my baby? They shot my baby. My poor baby."

A makeshift memorial was set up at the bus stop Sunday in honor of the victim.