Franklin Graham: Yes, God made drugs and tobacco, but that doesn't mean it's OK to use them

Rev. Franklin Graham says, ‘Just because God made snakes, doesn't mean they're harmless.’(Facebook/Franklin Graham)

When evangelist Franklin Graham earlier criticised NFL draft choice Laremy Tunsil for using marijuana, some football fans came to the athlete's defence. They argued that since God made marijuana, then it must be okay to use it.

Graham disagrees.

"Well, God made mushrooms, but there are some types of mushrooms so poisonous that just one could make you dangerously ill or kill you. God made tobacco, but research has long proven that smoking or chewing it is very harmful to your body, even deadly," Graham writes on his Facebook page.

"Just because God made snakes, doesn't mean they're harmless—I can tell you, I'm not going to be picking up any rattlesnakes! Marijuana has been proven to be addictive, has many side effects, and can be harmful. We've all seen the results it can bring when misused," he adds.

Graham knows there are a lot of drug and tobacco addicts out there, and he is encouraging them to turn their troubles to God. God can help them, he assures, just as long as they ask for His help. "Just ask Him to forgive you of your sins and take your life and make it new," he says. "He is the only One who can deliver you from the prison of sin that you're living in."

Meanwhile for those who are tempted to try out drugs and other dangerous substances, Graham is discouraging them from doing so. There are some states in America that have legalised marijuana, but Graham says that using it does not make it right.

"It will hurt you in more ways than one, and I hope anyone reading this will stay away from it," he says.

"Bad choices have consequences. The Bible warns us, 'be sure your sin will find you out' – and they do," he adds.