England's Richard Rufus: "God Gives You Peace and an Abandant Life"

|PIC1|Former Charlton Athletic defender Richard Rufus remembers the time he played for England:

It was an honour for me to be playing for England Under-21’s let alone being captain. We were playing the likes of Brazil and Italy and stuff like that. In regards to the players I never really knew, but as with the English players most of them are playing football now, obviously people like David Beckham, the Nicky Butt’s etc. etc...

As a top footballer, Rufus had fame and fortune so why does he also need his faith in Jesus Christ?

You definitely need God because money and fortune is not the be all and end all of life. There is a scripture in the Bible that says if you can gain the whole world and lose yourself, what does it profit? And that is something that touched me just before I got saved, and it is something I hold onto right now.

We need God as he gives you that peace, he gives you that security, he gives you that abundant life that he was talking about. Something that money cannot buy. My faith begins with God, and everything after that is a bonus.