Donald Trump mixes up his evangelical supporters

Donald Trump confused his endorsement from evangelical leaders on Tuesday, mistakenly claiming support from Bob Vander Plaats.


Vander Plaats, who actually supports Ted Cruz, was quick to correct the Republican frontrunner and reiterate that his loyalties lie elsewhere.

"So sorry @realDonaldTrump, I'm "Cruzin" to the nomination with @tedcruz! No interest in "Art of the Deal." #Loyal," he wrote.

"We've had so many great endorsements, with Gov [Chris] Christie and with Sarah Palin and with everybody, Vander Plaats, our friend Bob Vander Plaats from Liberty University," Trump said during a Rally in Rome, New York.

Trump had meant to name Jerry Falwell, Jr, the president of Liberty University, as endorsing him, a spokesperson for his campaign later confirmed. 

Trump previously branded Vander Plaats a "phony" on twitter in January, after the evangelical leader of Christian organisation The Family Leader gave his formal endorsement to Cruz.

Vander Plaats was unpurturbed, telling CNN that it was just "Trump being Trump. What bothers him is I'm not willing to give him my endorsement."

This is not the first time Donald Trump has got details mixed up when it comes to Christianity.

While frequently referring to the Bible as his favourite book, when asked to mention his favourite verse, he declined to do so, claiming it was a private matter. When asked another question about the Bible, he appeared to make up a verse in Proverbs that doesn't exist.