'Destiny' PC release date; Beta ends in success before fall launch

"Destiny" is a shooter game from Bungie, which also made "Halo." The beta phase of the game has come to an end and according to Bungie, the beta was a "tremendous success."

Just like any other game beta phase, it allows players to test run the game. This is the time where game developers discover errors and bugs in the game and the perfect chance for players to voice out complaints, issues and suggestions. Beta phases are very important, especially before the commercial launch of the game.

In Bungie's case, "Destiny's" beta phase helped the game developers a lot. Seeing that there's huge expectations from the game, the developers did learn several lessons to improve every single aspect of the game.

Bungie took to Facebook to share: "The Destiny beta was a tremendous success from where we sat overlooking the Tower. If you played, Bungie thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. We learned so much about our game, and how we can make it better."

And then Bungie took to Twitter to give thanks too: "Bungie thanks you for playing. We made some great discoveries of our own, and we'll use them to make Destiny a great game for all."

Bungie didn't specify how many people participated in the beta, but it looks like the number is huge. Eric Osborne, Bungie community manager said "he was gobsmacked by the numbers."

"Destiny" is a game for the long haul. While the first adventure starts on September, Bungie said that after the launch "we intend to keep it in orbit for a very long time."

"Destiny" is coming to you on September 9 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. However, the release date for the PC version has not been confirmed, but speculations point to March 2015, according to latest rumors. As what Bungie said, "See you starside."