Dennis Quaid wrote Christian song 'On My Way to Heaven' while filming 'I Can Only Imagine'

Actor Dennis Quaid has written a Christian song. Titled "On My Way to Heaven," the actor revealed he was inspired to create the music because of his work in the film "I Can Only Imagine."

Dennis Quaid can now add Christian music recording artist and songwriter to his resume.REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Speaking with CBN News, Quaid shared that he promised his mother a long time ago he would one day write a Christian song for her. Working on "I Can Only Imagine" gave him the push to finally finish that song in time for his mother's 91st birthday.

"My mom has always been there, her faith is unquestionable, so solid," Quaid said. "So I wrote it for her, but I guess it's my story."

Quaid has been into songwriting for years but he never released anything publicly until meeting Bart Millard, MercyMe's lead singer, whose life was the basis for new Christian movie "I Can Only Imagine." While working on the movie, the actor and the singer would often hangout and jam. Quaid actually asked Millard to hear the song he wrote for his mother and give him tips.

"I'm in there in his trailer just me and him and he's about to play me this song," Millard shared. "I'm thinking, 'Please God let this be good... and thank you, Jesus, it was."

Quaid also shared that he did not know anything about Millard or his hit music until he joined the movie production to play Bart Millard's abusive father. Millard's hit song "I Can Only Imagine" has been turned into a movie based on his relationship with his dad in his younger years and his personal story of abuse, forgiveness and redemption.

"On My Way to Heaven" is part of the soundtrack to "I Can Only Imagine." The film, which opened in U.S. theaters last weekend, is currently reaping success at the box office with $17 million in its initial week, from a projected six million return. Astonishingly, it's even beaten Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time."