Cybill Shepherd rekindles Christian faith, says she's 'talking to Jesus' again

(Photo: CBS)

Cybill Shepherd is returning to her Christian roots after losing touch for a while.

The actress, best known for her starring role in the 90s sitcom Cybill, is starring in Do You Believe?, the new movie currently being worked on by Pure Flix.

It's the same studio that made God's Not Dead, a Christian movie that was well-received by the church and grossed an impressive $62m at the international box office - far exceeding the $4m it cost to make.

Do You Believe? is out next spring and Shepherd plays the part of a mother grieving the death of a daughter.

At a recent cast panel for Do You Believe?, Cybill spoke about the place Christianity had in her life as a child before she lost her faith later on in life.

According to The Christian Post, she told the audience: "I was born a Christian, sang in the choir.  Then I lost touch with my saviour Jesus Christ.  I stopped talking to Him and praying.

"Then I just started talking to Jesus and I started to feel really good and I got the offer to do this film."

And she hints further that she doesn't see the re-connection with her faith and landing the new movie role as a coincidence.

She said that just thinking about her involvement with the movie after rediscovering her faith "gives me chills".

She went on to say she cried four times when she read the script for Do You Believe? and felt "very strongly" that the film was "not proselytizing".

"It was telling true human stories how we're all interconnected, how we all get saved," she said.

Also signed up to Do You Believe? is Lord of the Rings star and committed Christian Sean Astin.  

In an interview with Fox411 earlier this year, Astin said Hollywood was "antagonistic" to Christian films "because of forces that are hard to describe", but added that Christians "have made things difficult for themselves by the way they approach the outside community".