Creed lead singer Scott Stapp on tour in Europe: 'Victimhood did me in for years'

Scott Stapp

Grammy-award winning US musician Scott Stapp began his solo European tour in London last night at the Electric Ballroom in London.

The 'Proof of Life' tour is named after his hit song, which Stapp says presents "the incontrovertible proof of my life in a candid and honest way that reveal[s] the real me".

"If I've been able to do so, the reason is all about recovering the strength of my faith - the faith that lets us see that we are not only protected, but nurtured and preserved by a love that knows no limits," he says.

With several best-selling albums to his name, Stapp is no stranger to the music scene and once lived the rock and roll lifestyle as lead vocalist of rock band Creed, a time during which he battled with drug and alcohol addiction, as well as depression.

"Victimhood did me in for years," he says. "You couldn't tell me that I was responsible for the choices I'd made. Yet, until I owned up to that responsibility, I couldn't accept my story. My day-by-day recovery is anchored in the acceptance of my past as the necessary link to my present and future.

"When I sing, 'You can't deny the truth that hits you right between the eyes,' that truth is rooted in accountability. And the most profound truth - as well as the most profound proof - is that I'm alive today because I'm accountable for my thoughts and actions as an imperfect human being."

Stapp was bought up in a fundamentalist religion, but turned away from God as he grew into adulthood. He later rediscovered faith, however, and bared all in an uncensored memoir - Sinner's Creed - in 2012.

Proof of Life debuts his first material since he shared his story, and he says it "chronicles the extension of his journey".

His latest music has receievd strong reviews so far, and his tour around the US was met with critical acclaim.

"It looks like Scott Stapp has set himself free from his 'own prison', and is embracing life to the fullest with his second solo album," writes the Huffington Post.

"Fans should make an effort to catch this show. They won't be disappointed," adds the Madison Music Examiner.

Stapp will now travel to the Netherlands and Germany before heading back to the States to continue his tour. Watch out for an interview in Christian Today next week.