Could Bethlehem be the hottest new stag do destination?

The place in Bethlehem's Church of the Holy Nativity, traditionally the site of the birth of Jesus.Reuters

It's a little hard to see it catching on, but stag party organisers have come up with a new destination: Bethlehem.

Last Night of Freedom, a stag and hen party operator, is offering the trip as part of a five-night visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, reports the Telegraph.

The Bethlehem leg includes a visit to Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity. Other highlights include a trip to Masada, the site of the Jews' desperate last stand against the Romans, and a float in the Dead Sea.

But while alcohol is available in Bethlehem, groups are warned not to expect to be able to party until they get to Tel Aviv, famed for its nightlife. Tensions in the region and cultural sensitivities mean that the sort of rowdy behaviour exhibited in traditional stag and hen destinations may not be tolerated.

A company spokesperson said that guests "will always be accompanied throughout the full trip, to ensure they aren't left unaware of expectations".

Matt Mavir, Last Night of Freedom managing director, said stag weekends had seen a "meteoric rise", with more parties choosing to spend time abroad.

"We're now starting to get more variation in locations", he said. "Whilst the more traditional destinations such as Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest and Tallinn remain popular choices, we're really enjoying offering locations that may never have been considered previously."

Bethlehem was traditionally a Christian city, with Christians making up 85 per cent of the population in 1947. Pressures on the Arab population from Israeli restrictions have meant many have emigrated. It is now a Muslim majority city.