Christian Girls Miraculously Saved from ISIS After Sending A Text Message To Their Vicar

Iraqi soldiers celebrate after battling ISIS fighters at the front line in the Shahrazad district of eastern Mosul, Iraq on Nov. 4, 2016.Reuters

Seven Christian girls from a city in Iraq were miraculously saved from potential abuses at the hands of Islamic State (ISIS) militants, thanks to a text message they sent to a local vicar and the prayers from their fellow Christians.

According to a report from the Express, the Christian girls were sent to a student house in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, which was thought to be already safe from ISIS attacks.

To everyone's surprise, however, the terrorist group launched a sudden attack on the city, in an attempt to divert Iraqi forces away from nearby Mosul, where a major military offensive was ongoing to free the city from ISIS occupation.

The girls were forced to hide under the beds and piles of blankets so that they would not be noticed by ISIS militants who invaded the student house. They stayed there in silence and without much movement, fearful that the terrorists might catch them.

To make matters worse, the room where the Christian girls were hiding was used by the ISIS militants for prayer and to treat their wounded fighters.

While in hiding, the girls sent a text message asking for help to Father Ammar, their local vicar living 60 miles away in the city of Erbil.

"They texted me in the evening, they were terrified: 'We are in danger. Please come for us'. At least four ISIS soldiers had entered their house. The girls had gone to their bedroom and were hiding under the beds, covered in blankets," Father Ammar told the Express.

Upon learning the status of the Christian girls, the vicar prayed hard for their safety. Iraqi security forces eventually stormed the student house to rescue the girls.

"In the end none of the students were injured. Praise God for that!... It's a miracle. A true miracle. We prayed a lot and God answered," Father Ammar said.