Sean Lowe, the Christian 'Bachelor' star who vowed chastity celebrates first wedding anniversary with Catherine Giudici

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici(Facebook/Sean Lowe)

Fans will be pleased to know the continuation of an endearing love story between former 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe and former contestant Catherine Giudici as they celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Sean Lowe was popularly remembered as the Christian 'Bachelor' who upheld vows of purity throughout the show.

In an earlier report last year from Christian Post, Lowe was noted to have a lot of hesitations when asked to be in the show, fearing that he would ruin his testimony as a Christian and be subject to negative public scrutiny.

The 'Bachelor' is known for airing intimate scenes among the participants and, sometimes, sexual escapades. However, he decided early on to avoid any physical contact and only allowed kissing during the show's Season 17.

He further stated that it was awkward for him to date 25 women all at the same time but gradually enjoyed being with them. One contestant that stood out and the one he became particularly fond of was Catherine Giudici. He later referred to Giudici as his best friend.

From then on, the couple's budding love for each other was witnessed by hundreds of fans from their first meeting, to their courtship, and up to their wedding ceremony, which was featured as a TV special.

Although not referring directly to his personal relationship with Jesus, the producers of the show did air how Lowe wants to live his life and the values he believes in.

Having the same religious belief is important for the couple as much as spending time with each other. Giudici dedicated her life to the Lord and was baptised in church by Lowe's father before they got married January of last year.

In their recent interview with People magazine, the couple talked about their first year of marriage and family plans.

"There's been a lot of down time with just us two," Giudici told People magazine. "I've really been enjoying being next to him all the time."

"What originally attracted me to her was her outgoing, goofy personality," Lowe says. "We've kept that alive and it just kind of keeps our marriage fresh and young."

Lowe has prepared a big celebration for their anniversary but decided to keep it as a secret.

"I've got a surprise planned for her, so I've got to keep it under tight wraps," Lowe reveals. "But we'll celebrate it in a really good way."

When asked about babies, the couple told People magazine that they are in no rush to expand their family.

"We are just enjoying each other right now," Giudici says. "But yeah, the future obviously holds a big family."