Christian author Jen Hatmaker files for divorce from husband of nearly 30 years

Jen Hatmaker.Facebook / Jen Hatmaker

Christian author Jen Hatmaker has filed for divorce from her husband Brandon after nearly 30 years of marriage.

The divorce news comes just weeks after Hatmaker had posted a message on her social media page asking followers for prayers, and reporting that her family were going through "an unexpected crisis".

The Christian author has been married to Brandon since 1993, but it appears their marriage is at an end after she filed for divorce in Hays County 22nd District Court on 21st August. The filing does not disclose the reason for the divorce petition.

Hatmaker, who angered many Christians in 2016 when she affirmed same-sex marriage, wrote on her social media page at the end of July: "I've been quiet. In short, we are deeply hurting in our little life. As I've written, there is a difference between secrecy marked by shame, and privacy marked by discretion, and we are in the second category."

She added, "Please know that everyone is safe, and all our kids are okay. Also know that our community and family has radically cared for us, and we are surrounded by love and support. Jesus loves us. We are not alone."

However, recently she posted on her Instagram page: "If you carefully and consistently build the right things into your life, into your soul, into your relationships, into your very character –
integrity, loyalty, trustworthiness, goodness, compassion, healthy community, honor, faithfulness, love, self-control, kindness – it will all hold when your life unravels. Every bit of it. Crisis doesn't destroy it; it reveals it."

She added, "What has sat gently and softly inside your heart will come roaring out like a lioness when called upon to save your very life. The faith you tended? Holds like the Rock of Gibraltar. The healthy relationships you nurtured will be your anchor. Your good character keeps you true to yourself, true to what is noble and right, even as the waves crash over your head."

Two months ago, Hatmaker announced to the world that her daughter, Sydney, is lesbian. At the time she explained that she and her family had known for some time, and that she was "glad".

She said at the time: "I wouldn't change one ounce of who she is. Not a molecule. Not a moment. The only thing I would change in our story, is I wish I could go back and shake myself to life sooner — well, well, well, before.

"The truth is, every single church is just filled with gay kids and gay moms and dads and you know, it's just so irresponsible to break their hearts."