California megachurch pastor steps down for unspecified 'personal misjudgements'

California megachurch pastor Fred K.C. Price Jnr has stepped down from leading Crenshaw Christian Center citing unspecified 'personal misjudgements'.

Just eight years after taking over the 28,000 member congregation from his father Frederick K.C. Price, he stunned his followers with an emotional farewell.

Fred KC Price stood alongside his wife as he made the announcement.YouTube /

It comes a month after a sabbatical and although Price didn't give details, he said the misjudgements were 'serious' and he was working them through with the church's leadership team.

'Approximately a month ago I came before you to announce that I would be taking a three-week sabbatical. Well I'm here today to give you an update. I have struggled with... and am correcting and making amends for serious personal misjudgments which have affected my life and my family and which I deeply regret,' he said, standing alongside his wife.

'I have betrayed the trust of God, my family and you my church and for that I am so sorry. Therefore, I'm gonna step down as pastor at this time,' he told a shocked congregation.

Asking for privacy he added: 'I have submitted myself to my fathers, our apostles' plan of restoration, chief among those is I will be attending Sunday service starting next week and throughout the year, so that I can hear the Word and be restored in order to fulfill the call on my life to ministry. In closing I would like to ask that you respect my family's privacy while we work through this personal situation. I thank you all for the support you have given me. As pastor, I love you all and I solicit your prayers during this difficult time.'

Crenshaw Christian Center was founded by Dr. Frederick K.C. Price in 1973 with approximately 300 members.

Since then it has grown to more than 28,000 today.