'Bayonetta 3' news: New installment for the hack 'n' slash video game franchise rumored to come out in summer 2018

YouTube/ NintendoScreenshot of "Bayonetta 3's" teaser trailer

The third installment to the "Bayonetta" video game series might be released in summer 2018, according to a Reddit post. Information reveals that "Bayonetta 3" "will not be released later than 2018."

A Redditor going by the handle _darth_solo did not reveal the name of his source. "I cannot personally reveal my source, but I have it on good authority from a reliable source that Bayonetta 3 will be released this year, maybe this summer," _darth_solo wrote. "I have confirmed my sources with the mods, u/FlapSnapple gave me the go ahead for this, so they can vouch for it. I'm sorry but I can't say much more other than watch out for the Nintendo Direct because Bayonetta 3 will be one of those placeholder games that Nintendo is preparing to release," he added.

Other users then quickly commented their opinions about the statement. One individual wrote, "I mean it makes sense because of the re release of the first 2 games so the third game shouldn't be too far off." Nintendo earlier in December 2017 confirmed that "Bayonetta" and "Bayonetta 2" will be re-released for the Nintendo Switch in anticipation of the third one.

User _darth_solo also mentioned that "Bayonetta 3" will be featured in the upcoming Nintendo Direct. The presentation is said to take place on Jan. 11, according to leaked documents. Many fans are hoping the video game giant will announce the exact release date of the video game and a little sneak peak of its gameplay.

Nintendo announced "Bayonetta 3" during The Game Awards last December 2017. Nintendo didn't disclose much information about the video game and if it will introduce new game features that weren't present in previous installments.

Hack 'n' slash video games "Bayonetta" and "Bayonetta 2" received impressive reviews from critics and score ratings as well. Metacritic gave the first one a 90 percent, and "Bayonetta 2" got a perfect score of 10 from GameSpot.