'Batman: White Knight' plot details, release date news: New series features 'cured' Joker saving a realistic Gotham

Twitter/Sean_G_MurphySean Gordon Murphy's depiction of The Joker in "Batman: White Knight"

Since the first issue of comic book series "Batman #1," which released in 1940, The Joker has always been depicted as a super-villain. With his band of henchmen and partner-in-crime Harley Quinn, he has taken thousands of lives through insanely brutal acts. The Clown Prince of Crime is, undoubtedly, among the most dangerous criminals of Gotham City, but that is about to change in a brand-new limited series titled "Batman: White Knight."

In comic book creator Sean Gordon Murphy's latest "Batman" project, the tables of fate are turned as The Joker is introduced as the sane hero, while Batman takes his place as the caped villain. This huge twist, according to Murphy, will not alter the DC Universe (DCU), but it will offer a refreshing take on The Dark Knight, his archenemy, and even of Gotham City.

Murphy claimed, in a recent interview with Wired, that in creating "Batman: White Knight," his main goal is to "undo the comic tropes" while transforming Gotham into a more realistic city that deals with real-life issues, ranging from the Black Lives Matter campaign to the growing wage gap.

However, instead of creating a comic book series revolving around the said issues, he passed on the job to Batman's greatest enemy. "I gave those ideas to The Joker, who leads a kind of media war against Gotham's elite by winning people over with his potent observations and rhetoric," explained Murphy.

He then continued by pointing out that stopping crime with physical confrontations may be "sexy," but the ultimate solution "is a lot more boring than that: education, increasing wages, and building trust."

Another twist that fans should look out for is Harley Quinn finally getting what she wants from The Joker, an abuse-free relationship.

The first issue of "Batman: White Knight" will be released on Oct. 4.