Archie Battersbee's parents challenge ruling to end life support

Archie's parents are fighting for his life.(Photo: GoFundMe)

The parents of 12-year-old Archie Battersbee are in court again today to challenge a previous ruling stating that his life support should be withdrawn.

The Court of Appeal will reconsider the judgment made by the High Court last week that it is in Archie's "best interests" to die.

Archie was found unconscious at his home in April with a ligature around his neck in what is believed to be a tragic accident.

His parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, say their son should be given more time to recover.

They are being supported in their case by the Christian Legal Centre (CLC). 

CLC chief executive Andrea Williams said: "This family have fought courageously to get to this point in taking a stand for Archie's life. We continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with them as they appeal this ruling.

"It will be another crucial week for Archie and his family and anyone who cares about the precious gift of life in this country."

At the hearing today, lawyers for Archie's parents will argue that the High Court "erred in law" by declaring it to be in Archie's "best interests" to die. 

Ms Dance says that in the past, Archie expressed the opinion that if he were to one day find himself on life support, he would not want it removed. 

"As long as he is fighting for his life, I cannot betray him, whether or not there is a realistic hope," she said.

"I say that because I am his mother, but this is also a matter or human decency. This is why I am upset and offended when I am told by various people in authority that it is time to give up."

Ms Dance has previously spoken about Archie's interest in Christianity and how, prior to his accident, he had asked to be baptised. 

"Archie was asking me to get him baptised over a few years before his accident, particularly after he started watching a lot of box fights on TV," she said.

"Many boxers pray for protection when they go into the ring. The more and more fights he'd watch with his brother, the more he would be nagging me to get him baptised.

"Every time we drove past St Mary's Church, he shouted out his most predictable line without fail, 'Mum when can we go and be christened in there'."

Archie would, she continued, "feel it is only for God to come and take him out of this world when the time is right for that".

"Until that time, Archie would want to remain with me and the rest of the family, even without knowing that himself," she added. 

Archie's family have since been baptised in the hospital.