'The Amazing Spider-Man 3' sequel cancelled: movie to be rebooted and recast

Official one-sheet from The Amazing Spider-Man 2IMDB

Sony's deal with Marvel Studios has officially canceled "The Amazing Spider-Man" series after just two entries. The deal scraps any plans for a third film, but it appears that "Sinister Six" and "Venom" may still be rolled out, albeit with delayed releases now that they have to be adjusted to fit into the schedule of Marvel's films as well as the new "Spider-Man" movie, rumored to be titled "Spectacular Spider-Man." Andrew Garfield won't be back to portray the character, but the web-slinging superhero is set to appear in "Captain America: Civil War" before his own solo film in 2017. 

According to a report by Variety, Sony Pictures is looking for someone much younger than Garfield, now 31, with the hopes of finding an actor who can portray a 15-year old high school student. Dylan O'Brien from "The Maze Runner" and "Teen Wolf" as well as Logan Lerman from "Fury" and "Perks of Being a Wallflower" have been rumored to be considered. 

O'Brien later confirmed on BuzzFeed that the rumors concerning his involvement were false. 

"It makes me feel bad because I'm, like, disappointing a big chunk of fans across the nation," the actor said. "You can tell them that it's not true." 

Following the cancellation of "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" it has been speculated that Sony/ Marvel would give more emphasis on female-lead characters such as Spider-Woman or even an Aunt May film that focuses on her life as a spy when she was younger. 

Sally Fields, who portrayed Aunt May in the two "The Amazing Spider-Man" films, denied these rumors when she was interviewed by The Huffington Post during the SXSW panel. 

Fields remarked, "Aunt May spinoff? And make her the lead? What would you do with her? She has no special powers whatsoever. She was a housewife waiting for the kids to come home. I think they did that: It was called 'The Donna Reed Show."