After Truss' resignation, Christian leader says 'roots' of the current turmoil must be addressed

(Photo: Unsplash/Jamie Street)

Andy Flannagan, executive director of Christians in Politics, says the Prime Minister's exit from office warrants a time of sober reflection on the state of British public discourse and the media.

Liz Truss became the shortest-serving prime minister in British history with the announcement of her resignation on Thursday, just 44 days after she entered 10 Downing Street. 

Her resignation has triggered another leadership contest in the Tory party, with her successor to be announced by next Friday at the latest.

Commenting on Truss' resignation, Flannagan said he was praying that order would come from the chaos but also that the roots of the turmoil would be addressed. 

He linked her resignation to the "degradation of truth" in public discourse and criticised the British media.

"You have to feel for Liz Truss personally. All of us know the pain of failing at something we are passionate about, but to do that in the bright glare of public view in such a short timeframe must only make it worse," he said.

"Our prayers are with her and for the leaders of all the political parties in the UK, that some degree of order could come from chaos.

"However let us not be drawn into the soap opera of personality politics. Let's address the roots of the issue. What we are witnessing is the inevitable fruit of the degradation of truth in our public discourse.

"Those media operations that now trample on Liz Truss - having championed her and some questionable ideology until just a couple of weeks ago - have a lot of questions to answer.

"And for us as a people, can we bring ourselves to stop buying what they are selling?"