Share the wonder of Easter digitally

The Catholic Bishop of Arundel and Brighton is encouraging the faithful to use social networking sites to share the Easter message.

"The celebration of Easter, especially the Easter vigil, is the most wonderful and amazing event in the Christian calendar, bringing hope and joy to everyone. But if the Easter message is to be received, then it must be proclaimed," said Bishop Kieran Conry.

"Where best to start doing that proclaiming than on the digital continent - online, using social media, email and mobile devices. This is where nearly everyone is spending an increasing amount of their work and leisure time."

Christians are being invited to tweet or text friends and family with messages like "Happy Easter everyone. God bless you", or "Jesus is Risen! Wishing you joy and peace this Easter".

A poster featuring a candlelit Easter vigil has been produced for people to tweet or post on Facebook or their other personal web pages.


There are also links to Easter-themed podcasts that can be forwarded to family and friends.

Holy Week begins this year on Palm Sunday on 24 March, with Easter Sunday being celebrated around the world on 31 March.

Bishop Conry said he hoped people would be touched by the messages they receive this Easter.

"During the Year of Faith please do use the materials that are on offer and pray about who to send them to and when," he said.

"Many people lack joy in their lives and your courageous Easter gestures could make all the difference in the world to them."

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