'Reign' season 4 release date, plot spoilers: Mary caught in a love triangle

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Now that King Francis (Toby Regbo) has died, Queen Mary (Adelaide Kane) will soon remarry. Two suitors will appear in season 4, and Mary will end up marrying both of them.

Previously in "Reign," Francis was able to cure himself of his fatal illness with the help of Delphine (Alexandra Ordolis), yet a vision came once again to Nostradamus of Francis's death. Francis agreed to take precautions but continued on his trip to Paris with his queen, Mary. On this trip, a couple of bandits ambush Mary and Francis tries to save her. Francis becomes wounded in the process and the prophecy of his death comes true.

Before his death, Francis told Mary of his two wishes – one, that the latter makes sure that Charles (portrayed by Peter DaCunha in season 1 and Spencer MacPherson in season 3) is king and that the regency is secured, and two, that she falls in love again someday.

In "Reign" season 4, Mary will have two new suitors. Lord Darnley, Henry Stuart, (Will Kemp) has a claim to the English throne by blood and a mother who is determined that her son secures a crown, TV Line reports. Darnley will aim to wed Mary in order for them to bring down Queen Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) and conquer two nations at the same time.

Mary's other suitor is James Hepburn (Adam Croasdell), the Earl of Bothwell, according to Inquisitr. Bothwell is deeply loyal to Mary and wants her affection all to himself. According to history, Bothwell was suspected of killing Mary's second husband.


Mary will be caught in a love triangle between Darnley and Bothwell, but both will end up becoming her husband in season 4. Darnley will be wed to Mary as her second husband, but will die after a year of their marriage.

Meanwhile, Bothwell becomes Mary's third husband. If the series follows historic accounts, Bothwell might be responsible for Darnley's unexpected death in the upcoming season of "Reign."

It seems that Mary will be fulfilling one of Francis' last wishes. As for his other wish of securing the regency, there are speculations that Mary will be meeting new alliances in "Reign" season 4 to defend her nation from Queen Elizabeth.

"Reign" season 4 premieres in 2017.

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