New Centre for Celtic Spirituality

The launch was joined by members of the the interchurch Board of Management, local clergy and patrons of the centre

A new centre for the study and practice of celtic spirituality has opened in Northern Ireland.

The Centre for Celtic Spirituality is based at the Navan Centre in Armagh and will offer people the opportunity to learn more about Celtic spirituality through study programmes, pilgrimages and guided visits to sites of interest.

The current study programme will be facilitated by the Director of the Centre for Celtic Spirituality, the Reverend Grace Clunie, author of Sacred Living: Practical Inspirations from Celtic Spirituality for the Contemporary Spiritual Journey.

The Reverend Dr Johnston McMaster, Chair of the Board of Directors, said: "Ours is a time when people, both locally and internationally, are rediscovering the freshness of the Celtic expression of spirituality and faith - not
only for what it has to offer individually - but for it's potential for inspirational Christian community living in reciprocal
relationship with the earth."

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